Invest in Health. Save on Health Care.

Prevention, Intervention and Innovation

The Problem

3 out of 4 Health Care Dollars are Spent on Chronic Disease.

Our health care system does a good job treating short-term problems, such as broken bones or infections, and medical advances are helping people live longer.  However, with obesity reaching epidemic proportions and the population aging, we need to do a much better job managing chronic disease.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease take a tremendous toll on health and cost huge amounts of money.  Without dramatic changes, 1 in 3 babies born in Iowa today will develop diabetes in their lifetime.1 Chronic diseases account for 3 out of every 4 dollars spent on health care--nearly $4,700 for every man, woman and child in America.2doctor

Our Solution

Invest in Health.  Save on Health Care.

We need a President and elected officials who take action to change the health care system to focus on:


Empower Americans to prevent chronic diseases by making healthy choices: staying active, eating right, and getting recommended screenings and vaccinations.


Ensure Americans with chronic disease get early treatment and quality care to better manage their disease and enjoy a healthier life.


Encourage public and private investment in medical research that will result in better treatments to prevent and lessen the toll of chronic diseases.

How Investing in Health Saves on Health Care

What should we ask elected leaders to do?


Support programs that empower and motivate people to make healthy choices.  We know it works.  For example, if 1 in 10 Iowa adults started a regular walking program,  $43 million would be saved each year on heart disease-enough to pay college tuition for 7,831 Iowans.1


Recognize physicians and other health care providers for preventing and actively managing chronic disease to improve quality of life and avoid costly complications.


Motivate employers, insurance companies. government, and others who pay the nation's health care bills to invest in programs to prevent and better manage chronic disease.


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2 http://wwww.cdc.gov/nccdphp/overview.htm